Code Rocket for Eclipse

Please select the features of Code Rocket for Eclipse that you would like to buy and then click on the Add to Cart button.

The base product includes integrated design support in Eclipse for at least one language. Additional languages can optionally be selected. The Document Generation feature provides high quality documentation output in HTML and Word formats. The Debug Stepping feature automatically highlights and navigates statements in the pseudocode and flowchart editors as the debugger steps over code.

If you wish to conduct detailed design without language support the Code Rocket Designer can be purchased as a standalone product.

Code Rocket for Eclipse. £49.95
Source language compatibility.
C/C++ £50.00
Java £50.00
Optional features.
Produce detailed design documentation in Word and HTML formats at the click of a button. £50.00
See the Pseudoocde Editor and Flowchart Editor come to life when stepping through code in the debugger. £50.00
Total £99.95

Note: Price is for a perpetual license and includes free updates to non-major versions of features purchased.

Updates deployed automatically and/or can be manually downloaded.