Rapid Quality Systems develop innovative software development tools to increase developer productivity and improve code quality.

Code Rocket® is a family of software development tools which facilitate rapid production of high quality program code for C#, C/C++, Java and Visual Basic and corresponding documentation, yielding benefits in the quality, timeliness and cost effectiveness of application development.

Improve developer productivity with automated design, code visualization and documentation support. Your XML Documentation and Javadoc comments will be used in the output. Seamlessly integrates with the Visual Studio and Eclipse IDEs and is available on demand.

Enable project managers to quickly assess and review code quality and progress with improved visibility of the detailed stages of development.

Unravel legacy code with ease and document it retrospectively.

Produce high quality, detailed designs before a line of code is written. Quickly transform your designs into code.

Improve communication between diverse stakeholders by discussing detailed system functionality in a way that everyone can easily understand, including non-programmers.

Improve management of outsourced and subcontracted development with better visibility of detailed development stages and corresponding documentation.

Create high quality, comprehensive detailed design documentation with minimal effort to suit all of your reporting needs. Works with existing / legacy code with no additional markup required. Can integrate with continuous integration systems to automate document generation.

Bring your documentation to life during debugging to better visualize program flow.

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Code Rocket Designer



Standalone application for detailed software design and visualization.

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Code Rocket for Visual Studio



Code Rocket design support integrated with Visual Studio.

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Code Rocket for Eclipse



Code Rocket design support integrated with Eclipse.

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per year (after loyalty discount)

Add automated Code Rocket design support for your build process!

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